Konstsmide Quality Christmas lanterns and Christmas decorations

JHD241012Konstsmide Quality Christmas lanterns and Christmas decorations
This lovingly designed lighting decoration creates your very own little Christmas world fantasy. A beautiful advent decor, which will delight young and old alike
When switching on the lighting decoration, the small glittering flakes begin to fall from the roof and ensure a beautiful snow effect. Quality mechanism, the glitter is Moved at Faster and Slower Speeds to provide an excellent display
The battery compartment is easily opened and closed using a clip closure, so you do not need any additional tools. For the operation of the lighting decoration, you need 3xC 1.5V batteries (excel). it’s also practical with its integrated timer function. Thus, you can set a lighting time of 5 hours. After that, the lantern goes out for 19 hours and the lights come back at the same time The next day
With the CE certification mark and the protection class IP20, this lighting decoration can provide a friendly atmosphere. Battery operated requires 3xC (not included). 190 hours of Operating Time can be achieved. On the timer this is enough for the whole Christmas season


Post time: Nov-12-2020